Who are we?

We are a family owned local small business specialized on gutters and downpipes. Also known as eavestroughs and downspouts, these accessories of any well built house have their own specifications and peculiarities. Being on the market for over 25 years, we have accumulated enough experience in the trade to be able to offer quality system replacements and informed consultations to any project while focusing in customer satisfaction.

Environmental Policy

Kymar Gutters requires all employees and subcontractors to keep the environmental concern at the forefront, while performing their duties on and off the job site. Some practices are as follows:

  • Recycle everything – if there is waste that is not recyclable, dispose of in a safe, lawful manner.
  • Reduce waste – this encompasses every aspect of our business including electronic correspondence, reducing paper consumption, trip-planning as to reduce fossil fuel consumption, and material management, reducing product wastage.

Professional Conduct

All employees and subcontractors must be fully honest with clients, potential clients and general public alike. It is forbidden to deceive or misrepresent any condition or situation in order that the employee or employer may benefit.

It is not only illegal, but unsafe to allow employees or subcontractors to perform any duties while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Kymar Gutters Incorporated has and will always have a zero tolerance policy in this regard, and although it has never happened, anyone violating this policy shall have their employment immediately terminated.

Under no circumstances will Kymar Gutters, its employees or subcontractors discriminate by means of sex, race, religion or handicap. All persons must be held in the highest respect, acknowledging that we are servants to the community as well as examples in good standing.

During the performing of duties on and off the job site, Kymar Gutters, its employees and subcontractors respect our position in the community. It is required by all directors, employees and subcontractors to assist anyone in need whom requests assistance, within our legal limitations and means.

Come Work With Us

If this sounds like a company you would like to work for, contact us. We are always considering new candidates.

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