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Euro-Style Gutters in Langley, Surrey and Vancouver


Steel Gutters

For those customers looking for durability, strength and the fine look of half-round gutters and round downspouts, we install the complete Lindab® roof drainage system.

  • It is produced from Swedish durable hot dipped galvanized steel;
  • Colour coated with a thick polyester coating;
  • Extreme durability towards all kinds of weather;
  • Very high protection against corrosion;
  • All colours have an attractive and elegant finish.

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Copper/Zinc Gutters

Although most budgets don’t account for specialty metals, some clients desire the luxurious look that copper can provide.

  • New products are now available which don’t require soldering;
  • This not only eliminates heat marks, but reduces the labour and ultimately the cost as well;
  • Half-round also available in zinc.

Lindab® Pipe


Copper Gutter and Rain Chain


Copper Pipe


Lindab® Pipe


Lindab® Pipe


Lindab® Pipe


Lindab® Gutter & Pipe


Lindab® Gutter


Lindab® Pipe


Lindab® Euro-Style Gutters

Lindab Rainline is the roof drainage system that offers the highest quality when it comes to combining durability, flexibility and ease of installation. Thanks to its smart design, Lindab Rainline has become the preferred roof drainage system for many builders. Its unique hand-in-glove fit and overall quality guarantee quick installation and high functionality for decades to come.
Steel is strong, versatile and durable, but it needs to be processed professionally. Steel is the ultimate material for roof drainage systems. It is lighter than cast iron, offers minimal thermal movement compared to plastic (which moves, cracks and leaks) and is inexpensive compared to cast aluminum.
To provide durable rust proofing the steel is coated with 275g zinc per square meter. The galvanized coating is naturally self-healing, any scratch or cut being sealed by zinc ions, which wander to re-coat the uncovered steel. Every component of the Lindab Rainline system has been designed and manufactured to the highest standards and smallest tolerances. The result is a system where every part snaps into the next to give a perfect fit.