Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does the rain water stain my roof where the downpipe drains?

    Rain water draining through the gutters and then the downpipes contain pollutants, and all the decomposing debris in your gutters. This can be solved by extending the downpipes directly into the lower level gutters. We try to colour-match the roof so that it is less apparent. See the pictures below showing the difference in roof damage.

  • My gutters generally work fine, although they leak during heavy rains. Why?

    This is a common problem. This means there is a breach in the sealant higher up on the inside of the gutter; usually, at a mitre or an end cap. Resealing the mitre is an option, however, there could be two other causes at work. One, the outlets could be blocked with debris, causing the water levels in the gutter to rise unnecessarily high. Or two, the gutters could be sloped wrong, again, causing them to hold unnecessary amount of water.

  • Is the leaf screen really worth the investment?

    That is a good question, and the answer depends on you, the owner. If you are either not the type of person to regularly clean the gutters as required, or willing to pay someone to frequently clean them, it is a good investment.

  • My downpipes are noisy, even after it stops raining. Is there something that can be done to the pipes to stop the pinging sound?

    Downpipes can make noise for sure, especially when they are new. There are a couple of solutions. Firstly, we can install a foam pad on the bottom of the top and bottom elbows to reduce the sounds. This however can reduce the flow. The second solution involves installing the downpipe on the wall slightly offset from perpendicular. This allows the water to flow down the side of the downpipe, reducing the noise by over 50%.

  • I’ve tried to reseal my leaky mitres, but no silicone will ever stick. What should I use?

    If you are going to try this yourself, you should follow a few steps:

    • Remove all old silicone, debris, and moisture.
    • Remove paint from the surface 1″ from the joint in either direction by sanding or wire brushing the inside of the gutter.
    • Clean off with a Windex or similar product.
    • Apply sealant in a thick bead 1/2″ thick.
    • Pat down with your finger, and feather-out the edges.
  • How often should I have my gutters cleaned?

    Usually, once a year is sufficient. In the fall, after all leaves are down, and before the big rains come is always the recommended time of year. Sometimes, depending on your location, wind exposure and positioning of the flora surrounding the house, it may require 2 or 3 times a year. If this is too costly, try having leaf screen installed, minimizing your maintenance costs.

  • Do I need to replace the complete run of gutter just because one corner is leaking?

    No, not at all! But the mitre itself will still need resealing. If not, your fascias could rot, and require replacement. Follow the steps to reseal mentioned above.