We offer complete budget pricing and assessments to your stratas, as well as attending meetings with mock-ups to demonstrate exactly what the owners are paying for.


Always On

Communication is key and we understand that business doesn’t stop at 4:30 pm. Our phone is always call-forwarded to a cell, making your property managers’ call a priority. While the other guys’s’ office is closed, our phone is always on.



Our warranty is 5 years on labour with a minimum 40 years prorated on materials (first 5 years non-prorated).

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Climate Change & the Challenges of System Design for Stratas

Climate change is here, and we won’t be the first to tell you that the rains and storms are more frequent, and pack a bigger punch. The gutter systems nowadays are required to handle more water, leaves and debris in less time than ever before. Unlike single home ownership, there is no “Joe” cleaning off the roof and gutters between storms. Low maintenance and higher quality systems are the only way for stratas to prevent costly service and emergency calls. Investing upfront in overbuilt systems also allows your manager to manage, instead of just putting out fires.

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We are able to provide complete assessments that include detailed list of necessary repairs, potential problem areas, ideal maintenance schedule and more.


Customer Satisfaction

Our installers will look after your property with great care and respect. We will leave the job site when the customer is completely satisfied, and the problem has been solved.


Emergency Calls

When property damage is imminent due to fire, storm or flooding, emergency calls in the evenings and weekends are all part of the complete service package we offer.

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