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Builders know they can trust us to install the gutter systems necessary for their houses to function. And it’s easy to get a quote for your project. Just click the button.

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St. John Ambulance’s occupational first aid certification as well as Leavitt’s aerial platform operations.

Safety Comes First

All our installers are trained and certified in fall protection with RCABC approved safety courses.

Quality Workmanship

We proud ourselves in guaranteeing the quality of our work with quality control procedures carried out daily.

Builders have a tough life

It is not easy to be a builder or main contractor. You have to keep an eye on the big picture, while micromanaging all aspects of the new building.
It’s part of your routine to deal with the owner’s expectations, to synchronize the sequence of trades that show up on site and perform their specific job, while making sure to order enough materials, and keep the show going.

No doubt, it pays to choose your trades well.

So, allow us to be your problem-free trade. We will do the installations according to your instructions, when you need it done.

Unique Products

downspouts langley

Besides the standard gutters and pipes, we offer Lindab® Euro-style rainwear as well as our new 3″ bottom Crown. Custom fabricated steel, copper and zinc products can be fabricated to spec.

Honesty & Integrity

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You can count on Kymar Gutters Inc. If we say we will be there, we will. Our company tells the truth, keeps promises and accepts responsibility when it is due. And that has become a rare commodity.


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Most new construction homes we visit either have inadequate perimeter drains or poor placement of them. We try to keep the final look you expect in mind when it comes to design.