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Seamless or Continuous Aluminum Gutters in Langley and Lower Mainland

Aluminum is the most common material used in the fabrication of continuous gutters and down pipes. The reason is simple: aluminum is relatively affordable, rustless and malleable enough to be molded into shape.

We have 5 different continuous gutter profiles which to choose from. All rain gutter profiles have a wide bottom, and can accept the large 2 3/4 inch flush-mount outlets, as well as the HVOs or high volume (funnel) outlets.


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Super Crown Gutter Profile

continuous gutters

Super 5 Gutter Profile

seamless gutters

Our Exclusive Best-Seller

Since we have launched the Super Crown gutter profile, which is a continuous seamless gutter, sales have soared. Super Crown has become our best-seller and definitely a great choice for all homeowners looking for a house make over.

Wide Bottom

The best feature of this profile is a 3″ bottom, which accepts the standard 2 3/4″ outlet as well as both K-funnels and 3″x5″ funnel outlets. It is also suitable for every size of fascia board including a 2″x4″ fascia application.

Fascia Gutter

The Super 5 profile resembles the 5″ Colonial look, but it is deep enough that can be used as a fascia gutter. This means a fascia board is no longer required and can be applied directly to the 2″x4″ at the truss ends, while at the same time concealing the outside J-channel of the soffit.

Wide Bottom

Like the Super Crown gutter, the Super 5 best feature is its wide bottom, maintaining a classic colonial look. Many types of gutters with smaller bottoms restrict the size of the outlets. Typically, gutters containing 2″ plastic outlets often get clogged up and cause overflowing.

5″ Colonial Gutter Profile


6″ Colonial Gutter Profile


Popular Style

Easily the most common style, 5″ Colonial has been around over 40 years. It offers a traditional but versatile look, compatible with the west coast style homes. Also known as 5K style, this is our smallest roll-formed gutter, making them the most economical.

The Largest

Available only in heavy gauge aluminum, this is the largest profile we offer. Due to its size, it normally has  commercial applications, although we have used this profile on many larger apartment buildings combined with oversized 3″x4″ downpipes.

5″ Flat Face Gutter Profile

5″ Flat Face Gutter Profile

Modern Option

We are asked by many builders, or when bidding to projects, to supply a gutter that is simpler, with less lines and altogether more modern. This is our response to those requests. The 5″ Flat Face is a gutter profile that will complement your modern-style home perfectly.

Comparative Table Showing the Main Features of Gutter Profiles:

 5" Colonial6" ColonialSuper 5Super Crown
5" MouthYes6" MouthYesYes
Supports Leaf ScreenYesYesYesYes
Full Colour AvailabilityYesLimitedYesYes
Wide Bottom - Supports Funnel OutletsYesYesYesYes