Gutter Cleaning in the Greater Vancouver Area


Throughout the year, your gutters accumulate leaves, needles and small branches. If your yard or vicinity is treed, you might need to perform some gutter cleaning every 3 to 6 months in order to keep the water flowing at its best.

Whether you are too busy, or don’t feel very confident up on a ladder, you can count on Kymar Gutters Inc. to clean your gutters and roof. All work is accomplished according to WorkSafeBC rules and regulations.


Gutter Repair


Sometime after your gutter installation, you might start noticing some problems with your gutters. There might be leaks or drips, especially at the corners or joints; water might accumulate in certain areas of the gutter due to sloping; some sections might have been damaged.

These are relatively simple problems, and in most cases, don’t require an entire removal. Mitres can be resealed; runs of gutter can be re-sloped; sections can be replaced. Kymar Gutters Inc. has more than 25 years experience fixing these problems and more.


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