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Now that the majority of the heavy rains are behind us, spring is the time for cleaning up the winter mess and preparing our homes for another year.


The winter can wreak havoc on a home, and with these last snowfalls of ours’, damage to a home’s exterior can be more probable than possible.


The fast thing a homeowner should do is to inspect the house for signs of damage and wear.


Roof: Check for missing, broken or cracked shingles. High winds and falling branches can easily damage the most important feature of your home.


Shingle edges and gutters: Check for curling or cracked shingles at the roof’s edge. Breaches here can cause leaking behind the gutters causing damage to the fascia and soffits.


Gutters and downspouts: Clean the inside of the gutters and remove any blockages around the outlets. Make sure all of the pipes are fastened to the outlets and exterior walls. The lowers should be hooked into the perimeter drains, or draining away from the foundation if perimeter drains are not present. Miters and gutters ends should be free from leaks, and should be inspected after a rain.


Check all areas where gutters both touch the stucco or siding. These areas should be free from staining or water marks.


Check the flashings above windows and doors. They should be free or dirt and debris, so they may whisk the water away from these sensitive areas.


For a homeowner, work is just starting, but the longer sunlight hours and tepid temperatures are all it is required to accomplish any Spring cleaning.

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